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Default Bug report - Every playback at twice the speed

We are using Reaper 3.0

Our sound card is an Echo AudioFire 4

Operating system: Windows XP Professional SP3

When we close Reaper all system audio (VLC player, Media Player, Windows, etc) plays at twice the speed.

The only way to get the system to play files at the normal speed is to log off the user and log back on.

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I'm pretty sure that this is a driver/XP problem and not a Reaper bug. Reaper requests one sample rate from the driver and other applications can't reset this for some reason or something along these lines. The Echo driver changelog recommends setting all applications to the same sample rate: http://www.echoaudio.com/downloadfil...C%20readme.rtf

- How to set Reaper to request a specific sample rate from the driver:

- Another easy fix would be using the onboard sound chip for Windows sound/other applications and so on.
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