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Originally Posted by Dimaension X View Post
So this may or not fit into this category, but I was fiddling with my own modified version of ReaDrums, using the free BigMonoDrums samples, and I discovered that you can now load all of the multi-samples of a drum into an instance of ReaSamplOmatic5000 and it will recognize the different velocity levels.

This REALLY opens up new worlds of potentially very realistic drum tracks using free multi-sampled drums. Anyone else try this yet?
You could read this thread:
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Dimaension X
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I took a look at the pics you've posted in the thread - it appears you've created a separate instance for each velocity sample. I hit the "list" button", drag-dropped all of the samples of one drum into the list, and it seems that ReaSampOmatic distinguishes between the multi-samples automatically.

i.e. a softer MIDI velocity seems to trigger the appropriate "level" sample. Or maybe I'm just hearing it this way? Either way, it seems to work, without having to create a separate Samplomatic instance for every single velocity level. Just one instance per "drum" (snare, kick, tom1, etc) adn it seems to work.

I was just curious as to "why" and "how" it works.
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