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Default Saved Backups

I have just started using PathSync after trying a lot of different syncro software for my USB drive. I think it is really great software, clearly layed out, logical and easy to use, yet with a powerful method for including/excluding files and folders. The one thing that annoys me about it is trying to find my saved backups. I therefore am asking for a new feature where either a recently saved backups selection is available when PathSYnc starts up or, even better, have PathSync load with a list of saved backups (maybe all kept in the same backup file) visible in a window in PathSync.

Thank you again for PathSync, you have done a great job in developing it!
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Well, you can save the .pss files somewhere and then just double click on them to start PathSync with those settings. Might help ya. A "Recent settings" menu would be leet tho..
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