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Default Cancelling render leaves part file

I'm having an issue on rendering, where Reaper leaves a part file behind when the render is cancelled part way through. It seems this is the normal behaviour, I'm not sure if it's on purpose or not.

It's causing file naming issues for me, as each sequential part I render will count up file-001.mp3, file-002.mp3, file-003.mp3 etc. Cancelling the render (if I realise I'm rendering the wrong thing etc), causes the file count to continue, but I am left with a file that is incomplete. At the moment I have to manually delete the incomplete file before re-rendering the correct part. I'm running separate render jobs on single media items with the "Slightly increment filenames to avoid overwriting" box ticked to produce the file increment.

what happens now:
render 1: file-001.mp3
render 2: file-002.mp3 cancel render part way through, file is left in folder
render 2 attempt 2: file-003.mp3

but really I think it should be:
render 1: file-001.mp3
render 2: file-002.mp3 cancel render part way through, file gets deleted
render 2 attempt 2: file-002.mp3
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+1. I spend a bit of time some nights deleting cancelled renders for the sole reason of wanting to maintain the same file name. Would make more sense if cancelled renders disappeared or, if not, *they* were the file with the added characters, say "incompl". That way the re-render gets the intended name.

Turning off "Slightly increment filenames" prevents this, but I want it on for reasons other than cancelled renders.
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