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Default Tweaker popup boxes pop up and require cancelling from pop up

This kills me. This behavior of the Tweaker is unlike anything else in Reaper. When fumbling down the list of options trying to find how to make the waveform colors go back to normal, you can't arrow up and down in your search. Because every time it hits the next one the settings window for it pops up, and you can't just arrow to the next, you have to manually click cancel on the pop up in order to proceed. And if you drop the cursor down on a setting in your search and it turns out not to be what you want it's the same thing. You can't continue scrolling until you cancel it away and the only way to do that is to click on the button in the pop up. It literally makes a task that should take one minute, but takes 5 due to the Tweaker IU (Odd tracks? Even tracks? A million options, 999,900 too many) if you never make a wrong highlight, take 10 minutes if you even make it to the solution.

I pretty much have stopped using it except when something randomly changes for no reason I can figure. Literally 75% of my mouse clicks I get an illegal move alert because of the stealth of the settings window that popped up that I don't want. Awful. : ) Major nit.
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