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Have you ever thought of attending charm school, noise_construct?
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+++++1 and automate send destination too

but overall for workaround i figured out this:

lern pan,volume in inner plugins on track = Works 100% (+)

in matter of send level to another track for me another way is to use inner plugins with (pan/volume) with another output and again automate volume as workaround for send level = Works but not good enough in overall workflow - not free creativity - need preparation and plan how to set before use (+)

I like Reaper puzzles how to figure out things - but this manipulation of sends volumes probably would make some things easier.

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Default vote again

alright, i give up, but i cant:

i have no choice but to use reaper as no other DAW has 64 internal channels per channel so i can send all my monitor sends pre fader thru a second eq plug, and so i can send 6 channels to a crossover and 2 to delay speakers from the master section.

also none other allows me to completely customize the SIZE of UI elements (track height, send height, plugin area height...

anyone else know a DAW that allows this kind of routing, and the customizeable UI?
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