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Originally Posted by semiquaver View Post
the issue of curves is complicated - recall that "straight" lines actually result in a curve (as the rate of change varies with the tempo)

supposedly linear changes (where bpm really do change linearly with respect to time)are curved as well - if it takes 60 seconds to double from 60 to 120 it will take 120 seconds to double again.

DP had curvature - it was rarely useful - most any natural playing could be well approximated with "straight" segments...
Well, I'd be happy with marker stretch in linear mode.
Currently, the tempo-detect is only step-based.
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Originally Posted by gkurtenbach View Post
However, changing a tempo in the tempo map involves removing and redoing all the tempo changes after the tempo marker so, yes,
FYI: I did create a script that handles tweaking with a bit more automation, almost as easy as click-drag:


Also: please vote for the request here:
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