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Default Reaper as a (bulletproof) multitrack recording software


PT user here.
Thinking about expanding its business form studio to field.
In between buying a setup to do multitracking on location.
BAnds, rehearsal, concerts etc.

My rig would be:
SSL Alphalink Ax
RME MAdiface

along with preamps, line splitters, backup recorders, stuff i wont bore you with.

I heard many good things about reaper, specially the stability of it.
Would love to use PT but dont have the though to go HD, LE is not really an option.
Tried Logic 8 and 9, not satisfied.

what i want to know, just how stable the BETA version of the reaper for OSX is?
I tried the PT8 theme, and custom keyboards, what i want to do is, make it as simple as possible, no stuff i dont really need, for instance the buttons on the track, can they be removed?, so its just IO, R S M.
Build a custom reaper, that is ued for multitrack recording and not for production/mix.

Any hints?

thanks, matt
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This is mostly a bump because I use Windows.

I would look at project templates to set all your I/O settings so that they can be recalled, and automatically opened it when Reaper starts. You can select a project template under file\project template and use options\preferences\project (from the menu on the left of the project window).

I do not know of a way to eliminate the buttons on a track.

Have you looked at the floating toolbar (view\floating toolbar)?
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I have been using REAPER since December 6 and it has never crashed on me yet so i believe it is really stable.
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Default more bulletproof than other DAWs

Hi 11miles,

I have used Reaper every day for the last 3 weeks on OSX Snow Leopard on a late 2008 MacBook Pro with a Metric Halo interface and it has never crashed on me. I cannot say this with any other DAW. I am looking for alternatives to Logic 9 & 8 due to the unacceptable level and severity of bugs. I have also used PT LE 7.X, Ableton Live, Reason & Sonar on PC in the past.

The only real problems I've had are with Waves plugins - if you enable and disable high latency plugins many times, sometimes Reaper loses the delay compensation and the plugins begin malfunctioning. If that happens, I just close and reopen the project. Any problems I've had have been with Waves and Line6 plugins, but the nits I've encountered are minor now that I understand them.

As far as field recording goes, I would think it's ideal. I have on several occasions recorded 8 tracks simultaneously for over 1 hour with no problem whatsoever. (44.1/24bit)
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I don't know when reaper has crashed it may have once.

I've been on the beta since it began for osx.

I was on PT mix before and I do recall that crashing.....more then once.

of course YMMV. on a macpro here 10.4 and 5
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I use reaper for at least.... one year, almost EVERY DAY and it crashed on me maybe, 2 or 3 times.
It's THE MOST STABLE DAW I've used so far, and I've used pretty much all of them since 2001.
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