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Default Send MIDI chords from midi keyboard to a synth's arp then to another synth via midi?

Hi got a big one for ya all!

I would like to send a chord sequence in midi from an external midi keyboard (novation sl mk3 ) to an external synth with an arpeggiator (virus indigo 2 which is able to send generated arp as midi out) then translate the arp as midi notes to another external synth instrument.

I tried routing the sl mk3 to the indigo 2 which generates the arp notes, but the arp notes midi are not received on the midi receiving instrument. Routing SL mk3 Midi output CH1, Indigo INPUT Midi on ALL Inputs CH 1, then on the Indigo track I route it directly to the external synth track as MIDI Send .

So to sum this up, essentially I'm attempting to use the the first midi keyboard as a chord sequencer to send into the arp section of a synth which I would like to send the arp notes as midi notes generated to an instrument to generate audio.

Could anyone let me know what I'm doing wrong here?


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