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Default Ninjam not allowing user logins?

I am trying to set up a Ninjam server on my Ubuntu VPS for some people to jam from various locations.
I Have the server compiled and running, however I cannot get it to accept logins from the user accounts I'm defining. If I turn on anonymous logins then I can log in that way but not through any user account, not even the admin account.
I am hoping someone could please take a look at my config file and tell me what I might be possibly doing wrong.
Any help would be really appreciated.
Sample config:
# only one port line allowed (last one will be used)
# these are comments
Port 2049

# limit connections of normal users to 10
MaxUsers 10

# limit normal users to 32 channels each, anonymous users to 2
MaxChannels 10 2

ServerLicense cclicense.txt

#anonymoususers yes or no, or multi (to allow multiple users of the same name from the same IP)
AnonymousUsers no
AnonymousUsersCanChat no
AnonymousMaskIP no # shows just the nn.nn.nn.x instead of full IP.

AllowHiddenUsers no # set to yes to allow people without channels to not appear in the user list

#ACL list lets you specify in order a list, first match is used
# ACL deny
# ACL reserve # reserve slots for local
ACL allow # allow all

#user/password/permissions sets
User admin password *
User user1 password CBKRM
User user2 password CBKRM
User user3 password CBKRM

# optional user/pass with simple status retrieving permissions (this also has the advantage of having the server do less work)
# StatusUserPass nerdballadmin G3o5F2u7c1k4O5f2f2
# StatusUserPass frdfrcl europa
# StatusUserPass devonwest west9387
# StatusUserPass james93 music001

DefaultTopic "Welcome to the Nerdball NINJAM Server. Rock out! Testing!"
DefaultBPM 120
DefaultBPI 16

# two parameters: path to log to, and session length (in minutes). 0 for length means 30 seconds.
# if the first parameter (path) is empty, no logging is done
# SessionArchive . 15

# these two require a full restart to update:

# write PID file (non-windows version only)

LogFile ninjamserver.log

# set keep-alive interval in seconds. should probably not bother
# specifying this, the default is 3, which is adequate.
SetKeepAlive 3

# voting system:
# SetVotingThreshold 50 # sets threshold to 50%. can be 1-100%, or >100 to disable
# SetVotingVoteTimeout 60 # sets timeout before votes are reset, in seconds

End config
Obviously the usernames and passwords were removed for privacy, but I cannot get them to work.
Please help!
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Sorry, not a ninjam user - but are any errors showing up in ninjamserver.log (or perhaps var/log/messages)?
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Here's a sample from the log:
[2014/01/17 19:59:11] Opened log. NINJAM Server v0.06 built on Feb 17 2014 at 16:38:25
[2014/01/17 19:59:11] Server starting up...
[2014/01/17 19:59:11] Port: 2049
[2014/01/17 19:59:11] Using defaults 120 BPM 16 BPI
[2014/01/17 19:59:24] Incoming connection from my home IP!
[2014/01/17 19:59:26] got login request for 'admin'
[2014/01/17 19:59:26] my home IP: Refusing user, invalid login/password
[2014/01/17 19:59:26] my home IP: disconnected (username:'', code=1)
[2014/01/17 19:59:32] Shutting down server

Thanks for any help!
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Human being with feelings
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If you're running a 64-bit operating system for the Ninjam server, this post fixes the invalid username/password issue.

I can confirm that the simple patch worked for me on Ubuntu 14 64-bit LINUX on Amazon EC2.
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