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Default REAPER v5.974

v5.974 - April 6 2019
  • + ARA: support preview audio while editing ARA per-take FX
  • + Actions: add actions to set media item start, end, or both to match source media [p=2107139]
  • + Automation items: add customizable per-automation item transition time
  • + Automation items: add option to chase non-FX envelopes to automation items when underlying envelope is bypassed
  • + Envelopes: automatically rename send envelope control panels when renaming tracks
  • + Envelopes: when editing curve envelope segments, avoid rendering curved segments as many discrete linear segments
  • + Envelopes: optimize edits that delete many points at once
  • + Item notes: optionally display image notes in full height mode
  • + Item/track images: detect changes in underlying image when manually loading images [p=2112488]
  • + Item/track images: add preference for controlling still image item thumbnail display mode
  • + Item/track images: add preference for default length of imported still images
  • + macOS: improve CoreAudio MIDI hardware input timing when using only CoreAudio audio output [t=219383]
  • + MIDI: display linear tempo transitions in MIDI editor timeline similar to arrange view timeline
  • + MIDI: optimize edits that delete many notes/CCs at once [t=200877] [p=2114855]
  • + MIDI: fix minimum note length behavior when snapping disabled [t=217677]
  • + MIDI: obey editor toolbar preference for CC following notes when quantizing notes only [t=172470]
  • + MIDI: add per-item option to chase MIDI CC/pitch/program before take start offset (in MIDI source properties, defaults to enabled for new MIDI items)
  • + MIDI: fix export of unnamed project markers in type 0 MIDI files [t=219000]
  • + Markers: fix issues with selected markers in marker manager introduced in 5.972 [t=218608]
  • + Media item properties: after closing window via action, do not automatically reopen on startup
  • + Notation: better handling of edits that extend the media item to the left [p=2112160]
  • + Notation: fix chart clef spacing in continuous view mode [t=209954]
  • + Notation: fix inconsistent behavior when editing notation in non-active media items [t=218310]
  • + Notation: improve behavior when moving notation between tracks [t=209875]
  • + Notation: fix multicontext issues when using project tabs [p=2112215]
  • + ReaNINJAM: fix saving sessions to UTF-8 paths [t=190475]
  • + ReaScript: fix various UTF-8 IDE editor issues [t=219013]
  • + ReaScript: optionally show ReaScript paths in actions window
  • + ReaScript: add GetSetAutomationItemInfo_String(), ThemeLayout_GetLayout()/ThemeLayout_SetLayout()
  • + ReaScript: add GetSetProjectInfo(), GetSetProjectInfo_String(), primarily useful for manipulating render settings
  • + ReaScript: add MIDI_DisableSort(), to improve script speed by disabling sorting for all MIDI insert, delete, set functions, until the next call to MIDI_Sort (which must be called when edits are done!)
  • + ReaScript: allow querying envelopes via Get..Info_Value() by using P_ENV:<ENVCHUNKNAME
  • + ReaScript: allow querying tracks and envelopes via P_* from Get..Info_Value() functions
  • + ReaScript: fix CSurf_OnScroll() Y-axis bounds checking [t=218940]
  • + ReaScript: fix macOS behavior when calling MIDIEditor_GetMode() on a window that has been closed [t=218796]
  • + ReaScript: properly validate Linux HWNDs for Dock*() functions
  • + Recording: add $recpass filename format wildcard (global recording pass counter) [t=212300]
  • + Recording: add action to reset global recording pass counter
  • + Render: fix persistence of render tail setting in certain cases [t=218639]
  • + Render: add action to render using most recent settings, then automatically close render dialog when finished
  • + Render: do not render media during render tail, only FX [t=201825]
  • + Ruler: enable seeking to markers/regions even when markers/regions are locked [t=217939]
  • + Stretch markers: fix peak display glitch when resizing left edge of looped item with stretch markers
  • + Tempo envelope: do not create unnecessary tempo markers when pasting tempo envelope points [t=215995]
  • + Track grouping: respect grouping-disabled setting when swiping mute/etc in TCP/MCP/track manager
  • + Track grouping: allow chaining of VCA groups [t=218066]
  • + Undo: update send/receive list in track routing window when undoing
  • + Varispeed: do not obey preserve pitch in audio items setting when gluing/applying FX to items [t=219125]
  • + VST3: do not show non-automatable parameters in last-tweaked menu [t=217809]
  • + Video: add option in Prefs/Media to allow video items to be set offline
  • + Video: do not report sample rates for audio-less videos and image files [p=2117608]
  • + Windows: installer will not try to overwrite Reavura.otf unless it has changed [t=175741]
This thread is for pre-release features discussion. Use the Feature Requests forum for other requests.

Changelog - Pre-Releases

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nimsch dees

ich mag besonders die Dehnungmarkierungen
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