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Default could not install

today i uninstalled the older Reaper, then installed version v5.974 - April 6 2019.
But i cannot start Reaper anymore.

Here is my install:
menno@menno-P5K /media/menno/datae/Downloads/reaper_linux_i686 $ sudo sh install-reaper.sh
REAPER installation script

PLEASE NOTE -- REAPER for Linux is an unsupported experimental version.

Available commands:
[V]iew readme-linux.txt and REAPER license agreement

[R]un REAPER from /media/menno/datae/Downloads/reaper_linux_i686/REAPER/reaper

You can run REAPER without installing it.
Your ~/.config/REAPER/ directory will be used

[I]nstall REAPER (you will be prompted for various options)

This install script can put the REAPER program into /opt
or ~/opt, or a path of your choice, and optionally set
up desktop integration (menu items, file associations).

[A]dd desktop integration for /media/menno/datae/Downloads/reaper_linux_i686/REAPER/reaper

If you've extracted REAPER into the path you would like
it to live in (/media/menno/datae/Downloads/reaper_linux_i686/REAPER), you can set
up desktop integration (menu items, file associations,
etc) via this action.

Command [V,R,I,A]: I

Install REAPER
[1] Install to /opt (in /opt/REAPER)

Currently running as root -- if you wish to do a user-local
install, please run this installer as a normal user.

Or, enter a path starting with / to install to that path.

Path to install [1,2, or /whatever]: 1

Would you like to add desktop integration for this install [Y/N]?: Y

Would you like to symlink /usr/local/bin/reaper to /opt/REAPER/reaper [Y/N]?: Y

Copy files to: /opt/REAPER
+ Perform desktop integration for /opt/REAPER/reaper
+ Symlink /usr/local/bin/reaper to /opt/REAPER/reaper

Proceed with installation [Y/N]?: Y
REAPER installer -- install to /opt

Copying files... done
Writing uninstall script to /opt/REAPER/uninstall-reaper.sh
Creating symlink from /opt/REAPER/reaper to /usr/local/bin/reaper...done

Installing desktop integration... done

*** Installation complete

And i do see all files installed.

But got an error trying to start it:
menno@menno-P5K ~ $ reaper
reaper: symbol lookup error: /opt/REAPER/libSwell.so: undefined symbol: gdk_init_check

Anyone any idea?
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reaper_linux_i686 would be for a non 64 bit install of Linux. Are you running a 32 bit Linux?

Also, maybe try installing without using the sudo.
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yes - i got the wrong version...silly me.
thanks for the feedback, all works!
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