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Default Is VST3 worth it?

OK, so VST3 is a new improved (and still improving?) plug-in specification.

For VST3 to be of any benefit to users:
(a) the DAW host must support its functionality,
(b) the plug-ins must make use of that functionality.

So my questions are:
Q1: what aspects of the VST3 new / changed functionality does Reaper support?
Q2: what aspects of the VST3 new / changed functionality does the (<insert name here> plug-in implement?

After all, a developer could take a VST2 plug-in, build it into the VST3 format, without adding any support for the new /changed functions, but it would still be a VST3 plug-in.

Or, have I missed the point?

I'll get the pop-corn and pitchforks!
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All well & good IF the devs of third party plugs actually follow Stenbergs system fully and implement it all correctly.

I am slowly un-convincing myself that its worth bothering till things improve significantly.
Not seeing any real advantages here so far.
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All plugin developers who started their work after October 2018 or didn't apply for their official VST2 development license from Steinberg before that, can only release VST3 plugins now. So eventually as new developers appear on the scene, you will only be able to use VST3 plugins from them anyway.

If you have VST2 plugins that at the moment work OK for you, there wouldn't appear to be any reason to switch to the VST3 versions, if they are available. (Unless it happens to be that some VST3 specific feature has been implemented both by the plugin and the host application.)
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By the way, is there any reason some plugins seem to use pretty more CPU in VST3?

My ToneBooster's Equalizer 4 has to be used in VST3 for sidechaining, yet even comparing with a non sidechaining preset, it uses more CPU than the VST2 version.

I played a little some time ago with a Softube Console 1 and it was eating roughly double the CPU in VST3 (which would suck since VST3 seems to be the only way to have it fully integrated in Reaper).

It seems as if few plugin developers keep an eye on CPU efficiency. For me, if I have to build a new computer to use new plugins, well you do the math. And the you'll read people reviewing 16Gb RAM i5's laptops and saying "It should be fine for Office and Youtube".
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