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Default Akai APC Mini with Reaper?


I want to play pre-recorded sound effect 'drops' for my podcast (ya know, Homer Simpson saying 'BOOORING', etc) and also control the monitor levels of each track in Reaper with faders (not knobs).
I've got 4 separate voice recording channels (1 for each mic/host) and a 5th recording channel that picks up the sounds from my computer including youtube and Skype.

I've been looking for a compact/portable sound effect trigger with faders and this Akai APC Mini seems to be PERFECT! The only problem is it says it's pretty much exclusively built for Ableton Live, a program I don't use and know nothing about.

The question is, will this thing work for my needs? Even though it's 'branded' Ableton Live, will it play nicely in Reaper to control the monitor levels? Is there some way I could map the faders to the Reaper monitor levels? And, how would I actually assign my pre-recorded fx 'drops' to the buttons?

Hopefully the answer is 'yes, even though its branded for that program it'll work relatively well with Reaper to control faders and trigger drops somehow', BUT, if the answer is 'NO, it only works with Ableton Live', then my next question would be: do you think there's a way I could use the APC Mini to trigger drops in Ableton Live, which are then routed to a track in Reaper and recorded?
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any luck?
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This unit probably just sends a bunch of midi messages and responds to midi messages by turning lights on and off.

This should work fine for triggering notes on a bunch of samplers and controlling a few things. The manual for this unit will tell you more. The editor for this thing would hold more clues.
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