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Originally Posted by cerendir View Post
If you want real life examples of what Buggy mode can be used for, I have two:

- sfz+ does not like multi core processors and gives you really bad loud noises when instanced. Buggy plugin mode solves this.

- SampleTank (and Philharmonik CE) also dislikes being instanced on modern systems and causes crackles and pops. Buggin plugin mode sorted this as well.
Excellent. Thanks.
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This may seem dumb. And honestly it was...

I have been having terrible trouble with ARA 2. Melodyne to be exact. Reaper not saving edits. Very frustrating. Somewhere along the way I just decided to check. YES! it was set to dedicated process which at some point probly seemed like a good idea.

It was not. This is just a theory. And it should have come to me then.

Maybe don’t run anything that tightly integrated to your DAW as a dedicated process of its own??

Does this seem like a misstep to anyone else??😌
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Originally Posted by Chris7t6 View Post
Melodyne to be exact. Reaper not saving edits.
This seems to be a problem of Melodynes and I seem to remember that in other forums I saw discussions stating that there is an updated that might (or might not) help.

(This in fact might be related to Melodyne creating an own OS thread for its GUI.)

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