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Default v5.978+dev0514a - May 14 2019

v5.978+dev0514a - May 14 2019
# MIDI editor: select note when clicking on velocity stem for all mouse modifier except ramp behaviors

v5.978+dev0514 - May 14 2019
+ Glue: fix take FX automation [t=220858]
+ MIDI editor: always select the associated note when clicking on velocity stem, regardless of user preference to select CC event on single click
+ MIDI editor: support pasting CC events from one lane to another
+ Notation editor: fix musicxml export of grand staff in certain situations [p=2134187]
+ Render: improve labeling of dither/noise shaping controls [t=220725]
+ Undo: improve vertical scroll issues with large envelope panels [t=220809]
# MIDI editor: draw CC stems similarly to CC event fill
# MIDI recording: CC touch-replace/latch-replace operate independent of note recording
# Notation editor: multitremolo display tweaks

Full changelog / Latest pre-releases

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