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Default Sub-Project FR - Don't Play Proxy AND Sub-Project In Parent

Just finished another trailer using Sub-Projects and have a ton of usability notes on sub-projects. The biggest gotcha is that if you play the 'parent' sub-project (the master project that contains the sub-projects), have child sub-projects open AND have 'run background sub-projects', then both the proxy file in the parent project AND the sub-project play. This results in double volume of that sub-project.

Essentially this means that while you're running a master project, you have to constant check to see if 'run background subprojects' is enabled or your mix is going to be crazy if any subs are open.

Making this even worse, of course the audio is just summed to the output, if you don't have a limiter in your monitoring chain you're going to blast your ears/speakers. As in, putting a limiter on your master bus wont help you because it'll sum the sub-projects AFTER the master busses. Ouch.

My suggestion would be that Reaper only plays Proxies OR sub-projects... never both.

Hope that makes sense.
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