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Default Lack of customization in the mixer window?


I post this on behalf of a close friend who is a known mix/mastering engineer near London. He's recently joined the forum and can log in, but for some unknown reason cannot post; only read. The following is from an email I share here with his permission. His main tools are Logic and ProTools; however, he has just started exploring Reaper. He asks the following, and I thank you on his behalf for any help and insights that you can provide. I've only migrated to Reaper from Logic a few months ago, so I'm of limited help to him; hence my posting here.

His email begins here:==============

One other thing which is holding me back from moving to Reaper is the seeming lack of ability to customise the mixer window. In Logic and Protools almost all elements of the mixer can be hidden or shown, by right clicking. This doesn't seem possible in Reaper unless you want to edit a text file for the default theme. Other themes don't appear to be easily editable in this way. The colour contrast on the default theme is not strong enough for me to work with (eg plugin names and send are too hard to see at a distance and the send knobs are too small to see at a glance).

There are other themes which have better contrast (like the Logic and White Face themes) but I they also use up a lot of needed screen realestate with things on the mixer that I just don't use and are missing things which are useful to me (like showing groups and pre/post fader send status).

Is there a way to show and hide (and hopefully re-order) elements in the mixer other than the preset layouts put in by the theme designer?

Many thanks,
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Originally Posted by Omicron9 View Post
Is there a way to show and hide (and hopefully re-order) elements in the mixer other than the preset layouts put in by the theme designer?
Currently that's the way to go about it. You'll have to find the mixer layout which suits you and use that.

Only other option is to decide how you would like the mixer panel to look and then edit the theme files accordingly. Understandably that is not a task most users would take on just like that. But there are users who are able to help making theme edits or even do them for you. Theme forum would be a good place to ask about that. The more clear the examples of how it should look/behave are, the easier it is for somebody to help making it.
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wait a minute... here's a reply from a friend of mine in email to your friend:

In reaper's mixer, many things can be customized but some of them depend on the theme being used. Some themes allow the user to change the height of each section, like the vol slider section and the sends, and fx slots. Other themes do not. If you have theme that allows those changes you merely hover the mouse over the dividing line between each area and you get a changed cursor... use that to drag the size of that area. You can move these for all selected tracks by holding Alt when you drag one of the selected tracks.
A right clk on the mixer itself lets you change what is shown or not and how it is shown. You can have or not, fx slots, sends, parameter controls. You can have the mixer scroll or not. You can position the master fader inside or outside the mixer and at the left or right... you can show folder parents and children in various ways and grouped together or not...

Further, you can position the mixer as a "track inspector" in the TCP and have that as a one clk screenset, while having a different screenset that floats the mixer in it's own window or on a different screen. You can have many such screensets and move between them with one key press.

But wait, there's more... if you call in the next 10 minutes...[hahaha]

There are two scripts by HeDa... VIP Mixer and VIP Track inspector that give you unlimited custom mixer windows. Have a look over here:


and also here:


of course if you want to get those it will cost you extra.... like 5 bucks for both of them .... which also allows you to get all his other scripts.

OK email pen pals... put that in yer pipe and smoke it...

Using these in conjunction, one can both customize the look and functions of each so that picking a track in the mixer will give controls of details in that track in the Track Inspector
where you can adjust both sends and receives, FX, etc.
...should be fixed for the next build... http://tinyurl.com/cr7o7yl

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