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Default [Request] How to render 2.1 files in Reaper

Hey guys -

Is it possible to render to the LFE channel without selecting 5.1 and above?

I am trying to render out 2.1 files and having difficulty finding a solution with reasurround and channel routing.

Thanks for any tips or advice, wasn't able to find any other posts on this topic.
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I don't think there is a .wav file format for 2.1 audio. At least I can find no references to it with Google and wikipedia.

The bass channel is normally derived from 2 channel stereo at playback time by summing the 2 channels then low-passing that sum. Due to variations in various subwoofers in the crossover frequency (where the subwoofer quits and the other speakers take over) it is the simplest way to do it.
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