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This arp has a nice interface and all, but (all those bullet points refer to 0.90rc):

* It doesn't seem to react stable with fixed chords (instead I often need "stairs" of notes that hint it the right direction)

* I've had it horribly mess up the timing just in realtime mode and nobody here could tell me how to fix it. I had to eventually work with this arp in mixing totally messed up and hope it would turn out fine on render. This happened just in one project with one track randomly - see also post above

* I've just had this arp have random stuck notes I can't get rid of in a very advanced project and I might have to rip it out because it just doesn't behave. This also happened just in one project with one track randomly

The two incidents are rare, but they did happen and since Kontakt and other VSTis never caused me similarly grave issues ever, it has to be some deeply hidden technical problem with this arp. It would be nice if the timing code was finally overhauled and fixed, otherwise it's kinda hard to recommend this for serious use

An additional information: arp!0 also sometimes starts to really jitter really badly with larger buffer sizes similar to the East West PLAY plugin and tattoo's damage drum plugin, and for both their support admitted to me that their timing code was broken..

TL;DR: it is nice when it works, but it has in rare cases broken on me catastrophically with no ways to fix it, and always making "stairs" of notes can be annoying

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Thanks for this great work!!! a bit too complicated for what I need but working
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Hello I need help for installation Should I load something in Reaper?
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How to install a JS FX (in Post #4)
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Hi DarkStar thank you, but I did what the installation guide said. And I found it already in the JS fx.

Nice ARP man!!! Perfect thank you so much!
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Default One of my favourite tools!

Thank you very much for this beautiful piece of code! Very creative, inspirational and feature-rich.
P.S. I love the approach on the interface too
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Just downloaded this and started playing, can't believe I never noticed it before it's an IDM riff dream, thanks so much for this. There's a lot I don't quite understand yet but I'm looking thru the pdf right now. Was curious is there an easy way to record the output for editing the randomness ?
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Originally Posted by bang View Post
thanks for that info.
Would you update it to 1.0 version ever? It's unbelievable cool!
Originally Posted by Sexan View Post
Make a thread "F%#! you Reaper! I quit!" to get more views and feedback since these kind of threads get much more traction
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Definitely one of the best arpeggio, thank you for sharing !!
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I think Too. Best arpeggio Tool. Thank you much. !
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Was messing around with arp!0 last night -- fantastic!

Reminds me a little of Cthulhu, with the different loop lengths for different arp parameters, you can make "endless", evolving songs on it with a few notes.

The looped CC outputs are great, connect those to the filter cutoff of the synth you're driving (for example)

I've not used it for anything serious and would hesitate to do so, given timing/stability issues mentioned in this thread (also, I have Cthulhu, which is very similar), but I haven't seen any serious issues yet on a Win 10/64 machine. And it's easily one of the most fun arps I've used.

whatsup's comparable jsfx Super Arpeggiator (GUI version), however, is showing its age, I've found -- actually crashed Reaper for me.
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somehow it doesn´t spit out any midi data ... put the midi logger behind it , nothing , synth nothing

installation is correct , it shows its running but no midi out . reaper 5.28
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I'm a newbie, using this great arp just for 2 days I would like to ask: does it have somekind of "retrigger" mode, so the arp sequencer position would reset to the start on every new note ?
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When finding my way over to reaper from cubase i have been looking for things i missed in cubase to se if reaper has it.
THIS is by far the most fun and usefull arp i have used..
spent 10 min in it and was feeling so many fun things to use..
Thank you so mutch.
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