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Default Spacebar behaviour during editing sessions on Windows...

Being somewhat new to PCs, it may be a Windows setting I have to change.

Whenever I am editing in Reaper and I hit the spacebar to play, instead it acts as though I clicked the Reaper icon on the top left of the Reaper window. The Restore, Move, Size, Minimise, Maximise, Close window comes up.

Its annoying when it happens once or twice, but it happens so often, and always at a critical listening moment. Beyond irritating, it also makes me lose my sense of comparison when Im editing or nudging stuff.

Im pretty sure Im not the only person to edit music on Reaper and Cockos seem to avoid these kinds of things very well.

Any insight?
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Wow, i have never seen this before. Does it happen in other programs? If so, try another keyboard.
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That sounds like you have ALT pressed as well. Maybe your ALT-key is defective?
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I know exactly what you're talking about. Coming from macOS and a magic trackpad to Windows 10 with a mouse, I just searched for this then discovered the answer. It comes down to the Alt key being a default in Windows to access menu keyboard shortcuts so let's change from Alt to Shift.

You need to open the action list, search 'wheel', View: Scroll horizontally (MIDI CC relative/mousewheel)

You'll see that it's currently assigned to 'Alt+Mousewheel HorizWheel'.

In the bottom left, under Shortcuts for selected action, click Add then perform a Shift+Mousewheel. That should pop into the highlighted Shortcut field. Click OK.

From there, go back to the Shortcuts for selected actions section, click on 'Alt+Mousewheel' and delete it. Now you can zoom horizontally using Shift+Mousewheel.
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Thanks a lot! I will try that. It would be a total stress saver.
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