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Human being with feelings
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Default issue - what's wrong here?

I need to re-visit a previous thread because I now understand WHAT is going wrong but I still don't understand WHY.

Attempting to build AU of my plugin fails because is not parsing the BUNDLE_NAME correctly from resource.h It is leaving a set of double quotes in the plist file name strings that should not be there.

The only way I can get this compile is if I change the following line in

BUNDLE_NAME = BUNDLE_NAME[1:-2] - what DOESN't work

BUNDLE_NAME = BUNDLE_NAME[1:-3] - what DOES work (changing the -2 to -3)

What that PROBABLY means is that there is some hidden character in the bundle name in resource.h - but I have checked thoroughly and DO NOT see anything. I suspect the cause of this error is creating other problems as well (in the other parsing lines).

I recall that after editing resource.h (cloned from IPlugEffect) that MSVS said something about "inconsistent line endings". I'm guessing it changed something in the text formatting when I clicked OK. I tried it again and wasn't able to edit ANYTHING in that file without getting this "inconsistent line endings" warning.

Anyone here seen this happen in MSVS and how did you fix it? Is there a better place to edit resources.h?
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Human being with feelings
Join Date: Apr 2018
Posts: 248

I found a great tool for working with text files called "Notepad++". It lets you view and edit EOL codes among many other things.

Sure enough, my resource.h files had "Windows" End of Line codes (CR)+(LF). Python (Unix) wants (LF) only. That explains the [1:-2] vs [1:-3] lstrip issue. The whole file had those EOL codes so it messed up the build completely.

I edited the files, changing all EOL to (LF) and now they work. Now I need to change the settings in MSVS so it never does that again!

Another lesson learned!
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