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Default Windows 10 18(09) - er, really ok?

Current hw: Dell xps desktop, 16gb ram, sata ssd, i7-7700, RME FF400 with newest driver
OS, Reap: Win 1709 w/all the available updates works great, Reaper x64 5.973

Win 1809 feature update first attempt - ugly.

I know os upgrading often breaks things. Most often it seems to nuke the registration/activation status of some of my plugins. But yesterday I figured I'd give my super solid Win 10 x64 1709 a feature update to 1809, and holy cow, all kinds of stuff got weird in my Reaper x64 5.973.

1809: old warhorse B4II refuses to launch in any way (though I figured this would happen at some point since NI said it shouldn't work for a long time now), but it still worked great in 1709. Same problem standalone or vst. Automatic bridging still enabled in Reaper as far as I can see. As I suspected, several plugins lost their activated status. But most importantly, several of my Reaper files on playback crawled to a messy, cpu crunched near-halt after about 10 seconds of playback. Could be plugin related, maybe not. Should've checked playback with them all disabled.

But since everything is magically awesome in 1709, i used Macrium to roll the whole puppy back. All working 100% again.

Since I've long since merged all my pc sw to a single gloriously fully functional pc, rebuilding the whole thing ain't gonna happen anytime soon.

Any 1803/09 users who upgraded from 1709 have any tips on 180x? (Besides the obvious 'why is your DAW on your general purpose everything pc', though I suspect I would still have the same problems)

Thanks reaperites. : )

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Interesting. I am way past you on os updates & the ONLY issue I have is that every time Windoze decides to set my audio outputs to thwe wrong pair of speaker outs on my RME interface. A one click fix once you are used to it.
I also have B4II and it is still working fine for me in 64bit Win10 Pro. Only "issue" is that it shows the splash screen and asks if I want to run im demo mode every time I instantiate it. Just click the screen away and everything works as it should. Might bwe worth checking what is showing in Native Access.

If you get really stuck & no longer have your original CD I might be able to help.
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