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Default better timestretch handling with tempo changes

I made a custom action for my issue as follows.

Custom: Insert Tempo and Time signature Marker
Item: Select all items
Item: Add stretch marker at cursor
Item: Unselect all items
Tempo envelope: Insert tempo/time signature change marker at edit cursor...

To deal with the way reaper handles a tempo change because it just calculates audio from each end. It would be nice if tempo markers added a silent or invisible stretch marker when inserting a tempo change over audio.

Without this, when you loop a rhythmic item for 10 bars and have a tempo change in the middle of the 10 bars, your loop will be out of time. It will start and stop at the correct time but it will drift in between.

This workaround is fine until I start dragging the tempo change around. I basically have to add a new tempo change at the next bar and then delete the one I wanted to drag.

It would be slick if Reaper could figure this out for us.
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+1. This really is much more cumbersome than it should be at the moment.
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