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Default Ableton Live 8 Compressor Sidechain Equivalent


Application Sidechaining the destination with Audio coming from the kick drum(Just the high end where the kick has a really quick decay)

I know you can do that with ReaComp, but it result is not very pleasing for kick drums with REALLY quick decays.

At shorter release times, which is what I want;

I don't want the pumping to be really audible; it should be just enough;

you can hear artifacts,clicks & pops & the ducking is not very fast & snappy,

In ReaComp you cannot increase the gain in the detector input the after Highpass/lowpass, which really helpful so that the detector has enough gain to trigger the threshold.

The Live 8 compressor has a very short release time & its very precise, this is really what I want, even the Live 9 compressor fails to do this,

Is there a good JS/Reaper comp for this?
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