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Default Plugin management in Reaper: possible?


I post this on behalf of a close friend who is a known mix/mastering engineer near London. He's recently joined the forum and can log in, but for some unknown reason cannot post; only read. The following is from an email I share here with his permission. His main tools are Logic and ProTools; however, he has just started exploring Reaper. He asks the following, and I thank you on his behalf for any help and insights that you can provide. I've only migrated to Reaper from Logic a few months ago, so I'm of limited help to him; hence my posting here.

His email begins here:==============

As far as I can tell, user plugin management in Reaper consists of creating folders for plugins which then cannot be renamed or re-ordered. Logic has full user plugin management. So you can create, delete, rename, reorder users plugin folders at will. You can also put them all at the top of the list the opens under your mouse when you load a plugin, rather than having to scroll to the bottom as you do in Reaper. Is there a way to do any of this it Reaper? If not are the plans to make a more fully featured and customisable user plugin management?

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The REAPER User Guide 5.977, chapter 6 Managing Track FX.

Kenny Gioia Reaper videos:
REAPER 5 Explained - 10. Plugins and FX
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