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Default Megababy and real-time sequencing via MIDI Controller?

Not really clear on whether this is possibly with one/all/any of the *baby variants in my JS plugins folder, but I'd like the ability to record MIDI in via my MIDI controller and have it quantized/looped to a step sequencer. This kind of functionality has been present in MIDI controllers since the late 80s/early 90s (MMT-8, Electribes, etc.), but seems a bit allusive in Reaper in particular.
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It is possible, just set the track to record disable, so it's only recording the notes into Megababy.

However, I'd love to know if it was possible to just record a sequence (from a midi keyboard) without the timeline moving... and then hear it once it's recorded into megababy, at a faster tempo. Much like the way the Arturia Keystep works. Is this possible with Megababy, or at least this decked out v3 "nm" version? Thanks!
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I just found this out last night and it freaked me out because it was actually not what I wanted. Was trying to record MIDI to the track to be mixed with what megababy was already playing, but...I had to make another track.
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