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Default Reaper FREEZES at the "initializing main window" message on startup

I really need some help here. I'm very good at solving problems, but this one has me baffled. I had upgraded to Vs.5.0 and was working on a project where I had imported midi files from Sibelius (35 tracks). I noticed that on playback, there was a noticeable unwanted change of volume (loud,soft,loud,soft,etc). I was troubleshooting that issue when I discovered that under Options/Preferences, the playback device was set to wave & not ASIO. As soon as I clicked on ASIO, everything froze! I used Ctrl/Alt/Del to close Reaper. Everything went down hill from there. When I tried to reopen Reaper, it froze at the message "Initializing Main Window". I rolled back the version to 4.8 with the same problem. Today, I completely uninstalled Reaper 4.8, did a computer shut down & unplugged the main power cord for a few minutes. I powered back up, did a reinstall of 5.0 only to have the same problem. I tested video files & audio files to see if there was an issue with the sound card, but all was fine.
One thing I noticed when I was changing the audio device setting in Preferences was that ASIO4ALL was not listed, just ASIO.
Anyway, I am at a total loss. I hope there is a genius among you that can help! Here are my system specs:

Windows 7,64 bit i5 processor quad core, 16GB RAM, Solid State system drive, M-Audio 2496 Audio processor.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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I get this too. I upgraded to 5.01 a few months ago - was fine until today..
Any ideas what to do?

Hmm.. restart PC fixes it.. maybe sound card crashed

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