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Default Authorizing Korg from linux? I try every so often, just in case.

edit: I installed the Korg M1 V2.0 released a couple month's back in Ubuntu Studio 20.04 in users/documents/VstPlugins, and ran linvstconvertree, then launched Reaper 5.9, and the M1 seems to be in working order. I couldn't get the 'Activate' button
to do anything, but at least I can use it for 20 minute bursts, til things get sorted. Below is my original tale of woe, before remembering to try the latest Korg M1 version. Maybe some clues from mini-saga will be applicable to activating
Korg products.

Very happy to have a minor winnn! The Korg has some great sounds and multis.
Drumkits appear to be mapped on all 88 keys, very handy!


In the latest attempt, I use google chrome as default browser,
and running reaper with M1 plugin, or launching the M1 executable,
korg's reg tool pops up, and when I click the reg button on Korg's app,
a panel opens:

'Open xdg-open?
A website wants to open this application.'

So I click the 'open' button, and I get:

'Failed to open URI "at-collection-m1://oauth2?
code=264b03c2ee33a627ce42bb958a8ffa05c6d97f6212d9e 4169030aed103eef191

The specified location not supported'

(Now the Chrome url displays https://id.korg.com/oauth/authorize?client_id=
a-different-long-number-than the one above...and all the while, I am logged in at Korg site, and can browse it OK.)

If this rings a bell, flips on a light etc, having Korg synths
in linux Reaper would be pretty special.

Someone posted that the older V 1.7 M1 registered OK, but Korg
never responded to my request, I purchased 1.8, and now there
is .2.0.

Last edited by 4duhwinnn; 07-06-2020 at 01:02 AM. Reason: better luck described with V2.0 of Korg M1 plugin.
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