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Default ReaPitch prevents original sound from send

Hi, I've found a very odd behaviour on ReaPitch. It's hard to describe but I'll do my bests.

Let's say my project has 3 track channels:
- 1st is a Kontakt container,
- 2nd one is both a midi channel routed to the Kontakt and a audio recieve from Kontakt audio output (feedback in routing is allowed on this project)
- 3rd is an aux channel (recieve sound from channel 2) where a delay and reverd are set.

Ok, till here, there is no problem. Everything works smooth and fine. Issues come when I add a ReaPitch to aux channel. Since it's added, sound on channel 2 is stopped and just getting work when ReaPitch is bypassed. Conversely, if that fx is added directly to channel 2, sound is not stopped.

What is it going on here? Please, I need some help. Thanks.

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