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Default How to deal with rolled chords before the bar in MIDI loops?


I'd like to ask how you deal with (sustained) notes in a MIDI loop, which have to be somehow before the start of the bar, for example these rolled, arpeggiated piano chords you play to the upbeat.

My question is mainly towards dealing with MIDI alone, I read about these second pass rendering stuff and am not concerned about rendered audio by now. I just like to have clean, glued MIDI items barwise, and moving these notes to the end will split them when glueing to a fine loopable item.

Hope I managed to sketch my problem in an understandable way. If not, I attached an image to make it more clear.

Thanks for any help.


Edit: I guess I sketched the situation but not the problem I want to solve. I know I could just glue the item as it is off the bar and loop it, but I want to know if there is any function in Reaper I don't know solving the problem in a more elegant way. Maybe something like loop points in an item bigger than the loop region but resulting in a loop within the region, or just having the notes at the end of a loop without cutting them on glueing.
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Yes, annoying. See https://forum.cockos.com/showpost.ph...58&postcount=6
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Originally Posted by beingmf View Post
So, no solution, no workaround anybody figured out?
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Yeah there aren’t too many good options there. In some cases, you could define the loop to be a bar long but just early enough to catch those notes. So the item will start and end before the actual grid line. I know that’s not super ideal, but you should be able to adjust the snap offset so that it you can drag it around and keep lined up to the grid properly. It also requires that there be at least on place in the loop where there is space between notes. If the whole thing is legato with everything overlapped the whole time, you’re kind of screwed.

For those kinds of things, you kind of have to just use individual items that overlap, more like copy/paste than just dragging it out to loop.
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Is this https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=200004 a related thing?
it's meant to sound like that...
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