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Default Subproject....Can't Get Working

I've watched all the videos but I can't seem to get things working.

I want to use them for video scoring. Unfortunately the videos on YouTube on this are difficult and don't start at the beginning.

OK, create new session.

Add your video to the session.

Go through your video and create markers to show the places where CUE 1, CUE 2, etc all start.

If I highlight the area from CUE1 to CUE 2 and say create subproject, the video doesn't show up. So I copy and paste from the MAIN project into the new subproject. I play a little piano to test, and no matter what I do, after saving it does not show up in the MAIN project, oh well...I'm lost.

Any video/film guys out there that could do a step by step on this, or point me to something better/newer than the YouTubes? Thanks much.
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