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Default After changing the theme, some plugins can't be loaded

Hi friends,

Yesterday I installed the beautiful I Logic 3.0 on my Reaper v5.981.

When opening a song I was working on these days, Reaper said in a message, that some plugins can't be loaded but the settings will remain. Those plugins were there, I could see them in the strips. But I could not click on them. Simply dead: It looked like, Reaper could not load those certain plugins for some reason. It must have been the new theme settings I assume, which caused the problem.

They were just some random plugins like Softube Bass Amp, Decapitator, some UAD pluging were also dead, some not. Very strange - there was no rule at all. Then I checked my iLok, UAD etc. Everything was fine.

After that I was able to remove the dead plugins manually in the channel strips. And to put them there again just like I did it for the first time. They work properly now. Of course the settings were lost. I just lost some time to recreate the settings. OK, the next time, I could save the plugin settings as a file.

However, I am now curious,

1) if this is normal, happening often when changing themes?
2) And if there's some workaround to re-activate the dead plugins, which are already there, so I don't loose the settings?

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Did you not try loading default theme and reloading the track?

It's certainly not normal.
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Changing a theme should not do this.

It is however correct behavior that when a plugin could not be loaded, you will still see the plugin in the mixer track panel; it is effectively disabled, which you can do with loaded plugins as well, but in this case you can not enable them as they are not available.
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