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Default Could someone make me a "template" for this simple script?

Hello, not very good with coding yet. There is a simple set of actions that I have been using and would think id'd be less cumbersome if it was bundled into a single script. It's basically a legato script that takes a note and trims it left by a set fixed set of milliseconds. The reason these actions are helpful is because sample libraries like Cinematic Studio Strings have 4 legato speeds each with a different fixed time delay and trigger at a different velocity.

How I've been doing it.

Custom action 1:
- Move edit cursor to start of of events
- Set note velocity to (x)
- Move edit cursor left by (x) milliseconds

Action 2:
- Trim left edge of note to edit cursor

Basically the two main problems is that 1. I would ideally love to combine both of these actions to a single one, but the "trim left edge of note to edit cursor" does not work in a custom action for some reason, so I have to do it separately. The other thing is that I have a very strange custom action for the "Set note velocity to (x)" which essentially boils down a bunch of actions that incrementally set the note velocity to zero, then move it incrementally upwards accordingly to the appropriate number (say a velocity number of 64 for example).

It would be great to have a template for a script that combined all these actions into something more fluent, and then could easily edit the values for each one so that you can have separate legato speeds (at a fixed amount each time).

So something like:

CS Strings: Portato
- Stretch note edge left by (x) milliseconds
- Set note velocity to (x)

Thanks to anyone who is able to help.
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Do you process one or more selected notes at a time?
Is velocity and start time of reduction the same value?
The starting time can only be reduced by Tick, and this value cannot be greater than velocity.
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