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Default ANALOG API 5 ...Beta Available

V5 b11.5 31-05-18

Not released yet - still some bug fix to do before b12
New colors, with a more balanced palette, avoiding extreme contrast. eye catching colors only when it's useful.

V5 b11 05-02-18

MCP only, the rest is still from API V4
To joint the beta testing team, please send me your email adress in PM, I will send you the download link and the instructions.

V5 b10 - 31-01-18

Master layout

Separator Layout (with solo mute folders as srews, so you can use it as a folder)

V5 b09 - 01-01-18

3 more layouts:

- group & vca:
Repaer is awesome because one track can become so many things. The down side of it is that it can be misleading.
I think this is especially tricky with VCA and groups: they are not tracks, they are controlers. I think this fact can be clearer when all the unrelated fonction are taken off the layout, that's why there is no meter, routing or insert in those layouts: there is no audio or midi inside.

- midi:
Usefull when the track is only a midi source to send data to other tracks.
It can also be used as a generator track to load a multi output vsti (kontakt or any drums vst), with each outputs of the vsti sent to separated tracks
More recording related fonction apears when the track is record armed.

V5 b08 - 30-12-17


New layouts:
- RETURN (for reverbs and delays)
- MIX SESSION: when recording is over, you can get rid of the rec related buttons. this layout can turn into a bus layout when it's a floder
- FORCED LAYOUT: recording and bus (they are a part of the main layout, but they are forced to their state of recording or bus. usefull if you want to have the bus layout witout folder)

Next on my to do list:
- midi layout
- group layout
- vca layout
- master track

V5 b07 - 23-12-17 multi layout!

There is only one layout here, but it is quite flexible:

- it turns into a bus layout when the track is a folder
- it turns into a recodring layout when the track is armed

No sws required, it is just walter lines, image shifts and many magic tricks found in the books of the white wizard, thanks to him.

Next steps are:
- master track
- more layouts (fx/midi/vca)
- resizable
- and then beta available

Once again, a this point, no aestetic choices are made

V.5 b06 - 01/12/17: big step: APIv5 is being waltered! for now only one layer, only all buttons off

V.5 b05 - 13/08/17: One step backward, two steps ahead: back to 2D (for now) redefined layout and workflow (it's officially two years since b00, and still no working version ahead! better laught about it .. i guess...)

V.5 b04 - 01/06/16: If we have to wait long, lets make it worth! ... I have no idea where I am going with this... hopefully I'll pull it off

V.5 b03 - 05/03/16: some little tweaks, and there we have a nice 32 track template to start working, the second version is with a folder structure

V.5 b02 - 02/03/16: still no esthetic choice made, all different strips

V.5 b01 - 15/09/15: no esthetic choice made, for now it's only about the layout

V.5 b00 - 24/08/15: Starting from the scratch: morking on the structure to be as close as possible from an analog console workflow.

Hi Guys,
There will be an API v5. "When?" is an ambarassing question

I was a designer student at the time I started this theming thing and now I am out in the wild as freelancer, so the side projects like this one are now difficult to keep up, So I don't know how long it will take to finish it but I will anyway!

I am really interested of what the long therm users of this API theme think and would like to see improved!


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