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Default Need New Help Setting Up Old Friend- Focusrite Saffire 6

Hey all. It's been a while since I've broken out any recoding equipment but have that bug once again.

My Last windows 7 laptop died a few years ago and now have a windows 10. I was able to get the Saffire 6 up and running with my old W7, even though it told me back then it was no longer supported, I was able to find a driver that worked.

Now after having forgotten everything I used to know, I am having trouble getting started. Here are my current issues/circumstances.

1. I just downloaded Reaper 3.78 onto my laptop and have yet to find where to download user guide for that version. I know don't laugh, but it was my comfort zone back then and hoping it will be again soon.

Any help getting me that download would be terrific.

2. I plugged in my Saffire 6 usb and my pc says:

One moment while we are setting up your device...then...
Your device is now set up and ready to go.

Me: Great, but I'm wondering if it's that easy...

3. When I open Reaper, a box pops up saying:

You have not yet selected and audio device.
Would you like to select your audio device driver now (recommended)? [yes] [no]

When I select yes, I'm hoping to see something which would ensure interaction between the Saffire 6 and Reaper but see nothing of the like and am unsure what exactly I'm supposed to be selecting.

4. I tried putting in the CD which originally came with the Saffire 6, hoping to download the proper driver that way, but not sure my laptop even is able to read the CD (iow, my try may just be a dvd player for all I know,,.not sure atm)

5. Reaper seems to be interacting with the Saffire 6.
When I insert New Track and select Arm, I can see the meter is piccking up signals from my microphone.
When I record, it seems to properly record all the correct peaks and valleys, however when I play back I am not hearing anything coming through to my speakers or headphones.

I think I'm close to doing some basic recording, but still not sure what exactly is happening or how to hear playback.

Thanks for listening and also if you're able to nudge me in the right direction!
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