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Default I'm going to record a gig multitrack tomorrow

I'm a little worried. I have a rather old Acer laptop with 2 gigs of RAM, a MOTU 16-channel combination rack and a USB 2.0 hard drive. The combo worked perfectly and was plenty enough when I multitracked drums a while ago, but I'm concerned about the long 1.5 hour audioclips I'm going to get tomorrow. There is no "split during record" in Reaper and recording a, say, 20 minute loop doesn't make new a new audio clip either when the loop starts over but rather continues the same audioclip into the next take.

First of all, should I be worried? Or is Reaper so intelligent that it "streams" my audio to the hard disk and I don't have to worry about the audio clip length? Or is there a way to split during recording without pausing recording, moving the cursor to the next location and continue from there?
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Hmm.. trick.. well you could always test it out. ha.. record onto all 16 channels and see what happens. 16 channels at 44.1 24bit will probably only be a constant stream of data to your HDD of about 2-3mb a sec. Also.. if I'm not mistaken Reaper has a built in options to automatically start a new file after X size. and it will also stager the size stop and start to prevent system choke.
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Yes - Reaper "streams" the audio data onto the storage device.

I started using Reaper for this reason alone, because my field recorder might lose power mid-session.

You can set how often Reaper closes the streamed files in the recording setups. Even with a streaming system, the last files open will not be closed properly if power fails, so having Reaper save every 5 minutes or so (based on file size) will mean that only the last 5 minutes of files will not be closed properly. I believe Reaper can recover these files as well, but I forget how (never had to do it).

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Simon J.
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Well, the gig came and went and the recording worked. Sorta. The only thing wrong is that there were voids in the recording. Not silent gaps, but rather jumps in time. Luckily I managed to fix them by editing.
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Andy Hamm
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I mix FOH and record all of the shows I do multitrack. I just record the inputs and remix it later, haven't had an issue yet.
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