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Default Help! Fuzzy guitar and bass

Hey there guys.
Firstly i'm a bit of a noob when it comes to forums, so I apologize if any of my net etiquette isn't up to scratch.

I'v been using Reaper in conjunction with guitar rig 5 on my xp system now for quite a while without any trouble or error, but I recently opened a project I had saved previously to find that some of my guitar rig and bass tracks had become quieter in volume and rather fuzzy; it almost sounds as though the bit rate has been reduced with a tinnyer/thin sound.
I'v never encountered this problem before, but after loading older tracks that were recorded without issues, it seems they are sometimes effected by this problem also, however it is temporamental.
After loading a specific project named 'random chuggg', the problem persists however, after restarting Reaper and opening an older project other than 'random chuggg' it plays back correctly.
None of the settings have been changed in either guitar rig, Virtual bass amp or Reaper within my projects to incur a different sound.
To try and diagnose the cause, I opened a new project tab, copy and pasted the entire project 'random chuggg' into a new tab (whilst having the defected version of the project open) and played back to see if I could hear if the issue was still present.
I have a back up copy of the project that is unaffected by this issue although after I save a copy under a different project name and re open, the issue presents itself again.
I have uploaded both the unaffected and affected tracks to my soundcloud, so if anyone would like to hear the difference and help me diagnose, I have placed a link at the bottom of this post.
My specs and plugins used in the project 'random chuggg' are listed below.

Running on windows XP Home Edition (service pack 3)
Quad CPU @2.40GHz
4 GB of RAM
Soundcard - Edirol UA25
Reaper ver - 4.21

Plugins used:

VSTi: Superior Drummer 2 (Toontrack) (32 out)
Virtual Bass Amp (Gallo Engineering, PLLC)
JS: LOSER/masterLimiter
VST: Guitar Rig 5 (Native Instruments GmbH)
VST: ReaEQ (Cockos)
VST: Dronebox - SynthEdit
VST: ArtsAcoustic Reverb
DX: Sonitus:fx Surround

NOTE: as there are multiple instances of these VST's being used within the project.

Examples of affected and unaffected mixes can be found at the link below.
The last 2 tracks in the playlist:


If any more info is needed please feel free to contact me via this post or 'sonorityserenity@hotmail.co.uk'

Thank you guys and I hope to hear your potential fixes soon!

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