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Default CME UF keyboards - control surface expander plugin released

This is a JS-plugin I hacked together to solve a control-surface related problem with my UF5-keyboard. It might also work with other controllers that have the same 'mixer-mode' setup.

From the (included) readme-file:


This plugin was hacked together from two other JS-plugins; midi-CC-mapper
and IX/MIDI-router. Both are default bundled in the Reaper installer.
As these plugins are known to be fairly stable and without any serious
problems, you can expect this plugin to also work without problems.


The CME-UF range keyboards are very nice and have a range of controls that
can be used for controlling plugin-instruments (via MIDI CC-messages).
However, the eight available faders are switchable in three banks, of which
two banks are set as 'mixer controls'. These output ALL CC-message 7 (volume),
each on one of the 16 MIDI-channels. Many (most?) VSTi plugins have fixed
controller mappings, but all available MIDI-mappers either map one MIDI-channel
to another one, or map certain CC-messages to other CC-messages. None of those
can map 16 channels with the same CC-message to one channel with different
CC-messages. This is where this plugin comes in.

CME-UF5_controlexpander will map ALL incoming MIDI-channels to one output
MIDI-channel, at the same time mapping each CC-7 message (from each incoming
channel) to a different CC-message. You can set the output CC-message for
each of the incoming volume-faders.

It's on the stash here:
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I'm thinking about adding an option to be able to set the common incoming CC-message (currently CC7 for volume) to anything you want. That way the plugin can possibly be used in other scenarios then only with the CME-keyboards. I don't know if such a scenario is existing, where e.g. a control surface or other controller sends the same CC-message (but other then CC7) on 16 midi-channels and you want to remap them the way my plugin does.

So if anyone needs that, just post here and I'll add it. Seems to me to be an easy fix
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Thanks, this makes the sliders on the Roland JV-80 usable! (I just needed to add another plug which routes all received midi channels to 1 channel for the notes).
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