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Default [4.54/i386] Marker times are not rendered correctly

I'm using Reaper to record and produce my podcast. Therefor I've set the "Time unit for ruler" to "Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Frames". I'm inserting Markers by pressing "M" during recording and when I'm done I want to export (render) the file. In the final file the markers (chapters) are slightly off to where I put them in the recording – the times don't match. I'v encountered a difference between the length of the recording shown in the recording view and the time displayed in the "Render bounds" section of the "File --> Render..." menu item. This time differs depending on what frame setting I've made in "File --> Project settings... --> Project framerate". But no matter what frame rate setting I chose from the drop down: there is no setting that makes the "render time" the same as the "recording time" displayed in Reaper. And so my time markers are always slightly off. Is there any setting to adjust and align both time settings?
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Reaper 4.54/i386
Mac OS X 10.9
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why not use an Midi Track in chain with an VSTsound for Kapitelmarken.
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