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Default MIDI Note timing - Latency-problem ?? - Reaper + Linuxsampler

perhaps its a bug inside Reaper, perhaps the bug is somewhere else.

If I play MIDI Notes, the notes were recorded slightly to early in the MIDI Track. (approx. of 28 to 35ms)
I measured this behaviour in the newest Reaper Version 4.6 and all the older Versions down to V3.5.

Linuxsampler.org with SFZ Sample of salamander Grand Piano from side www.terzmagazin.de is used.

For measurement I recorded with 128 Samples buffer at 16bit and 44.1 kHz on Motu2408 and/or on Saffire pro 26io Audio cards. Both show the same behaviour.
Three tracks were recorded: 1 MIDI track directly on track, 1 Audio loopback of the metronome sound via analog MIXER and 1 Audio Loopback of the Piano Sound via Analog Mixer.

The Result is, that Audio signals (Click an Piano) fit very good to each other (variation only about approx. 3- 5ms) and to the bars and beats inside the Project. The Metronome Click sound is recorded approx. 0.8ms to late (this is completly okay, i think).

But the MIDI Signal of the Piano is always recorded ca. 28 to 35ms to early compared with the audio Piano Track.

I cannot interpretate this as a result of the audio card latency because the audio card has only a latency of approx. 6ms in sum of AD an DA Converting.

I already use the PDC option for delayed playback of recorded midi. There is no influence on MIDI Data positioning.

Also the "natural" human latency compensation is not responsible for this. Shure, I do play notes automatically a bit earlier because I hear the sound comming a bit too late. But this Effect should only be around 10ms. Reason: 6ms ADDA Converting latency plus approx. 4ms of wave-sample Latency played back in Linuxsampler.

Is this a bug in Reaper? Or does the Linuxsampler produce extra latency?
Is there any workaround.

Best Regards, Musinux
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