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Default Render Wildcards for sample rate and bit depth

I'd find it handy to have render wildcards for sample rate and bit depth.

Bit depth could double up for:

- (approximate) bitrate, if an output format like MP3 or OGG is used.
- encoding depth, if FLAC is used.

There could be a long version and a short version for sample rate, e.g.

- $samplerate = "44100", "48000", etc.
- $samplerate_short = "44", "48", etc.

There could also be versions with/without units for both, e.g.:

- $bitdepth = "16", "24", etc.
- $bitdepth_unit = "16 bit PCM", "32 bit FP", etc.
- $bitdepth_unit_short = "16 bit", "32 bit", etc.
- $samplerate_unit = "44100Hz", "48000Hz", etc.
- $samplerate_unit_short = "44k", "48k", etc.

(Whether or not there's a space between the number and the unit is another matter. There could naturally be many more options. Personally, I'd *probably* rather just type the units in myself.

Any questions/comments? I'll wait a bit before posting this as a proper FR.

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