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Default Toolbar buttons flicker...

Anyone also seeing this with the default toolbar buttons ?

Happens with the lock, auto-crossfade and ripple-edit buttons here.
They are flickering when pressed ... Does not look/feel right.

Reaper 4.7 (32bit)
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Yes, I've noticed this too.

4.72pre4(32), Win8.1(64)
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might be theme dependent?

I use my own theme which has all custom made toolbar buttons, and each of those has the three states, normal, rollover, pressed... as one panel in the button...

I do not see anything unusual with the latest pre release... they work as they always have.

So not saying what you see is not true, only that it might not be the case for other themes that use their own buttons...
...should be fixed for the next build... http://tinyurl.com/cr7o7yl
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v4.70 here - not flickering, but on mouse-down another image from the trio is displayed, on mouse release the first? image of the trio is displayed, followed by the final image.

Just checked - it is OK in v4.62; so the behaviour has changed recently.
DarkStar ... interesting, if true. Inspired by ...
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Confirmed with v4.71 as well as 4.72 pre6. Happens with the default theme and any user theme I tried. I think DarkStar is right, it seems to intermediately show the first (off/no mouse over) image, at least for the simple two-state buttons.
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Yep. Additionally to "Lock", Auto crossfade" and "Ripple" which you mentioned I see it also on "Grid" and "Metronome", but not on other buttons of the default main toolbar (eg "Grouping", "Snap" etc).
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