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Default Smaller diamonds/rectangles in MIDI Editor when showing only named notes

If I want to have only a few notes in the MIDI editor named and hide the unused rows, the diamonds are huge and unwieldy. I have to zoom in a lot just to see note separation, but then I can only see a few measures at a time. Any possibility we could get tiny diamonds/rectangles when hiding unused rows? I don't think it makes sense to have a trade off here.

EDIT: In hindsight, this is more of a bug than a needed feature. No reason why the editor shouldn't be able to do this already.
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hell yes
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It seems to me that the MIDI editor prevents the user from zooming out so far that the visible rows cannot fill the piano roll area. If you select "Hide unused note rows" or "Hide unused and unnamed note rows", and you have only a few used or named rows, the MIDI editor will automatically spread them vertically over the piano roll area, and prevent you from zooming out further.

If you temporarily reduce the size of the piano roll area by raising the CC lane, you can zoom out and make the note rows as thin as desired. When you lower the CC lane again, the note rows remain thin.
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