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Default Wrong CC shadows in MIDI editor (FIXED)

Not really much to explain, gif says it all. Tested with clean, portable installation of v4.76 on win 8.1 x64, using x64 REAPER

Example project: https://stash.reaper.fm/22806/wrong%20shadows.RPP

Vote here: http://forum.cockos.com/project.php?issueid=5466
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yes. It has been bothering me for a while. I think it didn't happen before. So it is a recent annoying thing.
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CC selection has something to do with this. If no CC on a given lane are selected then it seems to work as intended for that lane.
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Yep - this happens when selecting CCs, otherwise it's fine I think.
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Default Still got CC shadow errors

I remember this was fixed once?

CC64 in use here, shadows don't draw correctly after moving a CC bar. Inputting new ones seems to work ok.

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How does it look with the Default theme?

I'm just seeing this issue (5.18 x64):

Selected CC isn't drawing its shadow. It does show it (on the fly) when dragging via Mouse. Releasing the mouse button gives shadow of previous CC. Adjusting the CC via SHIFT+Mouswheel doesn't update the shadow at all (unlike Mouse drag).

FIXED (5.25pre1)

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