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Default Modification of the master volume via MIDI controller not relayed to OSC contr


As reported in the MIDI forum, I found what seems to be a bug when using MIDI and OSC control surfaces simultaneously.

Since the bug seems to be confirmed (see linked thread), I also submitted a bug report. But here are some details:

Two things work fine:
1) Using a MIDI control surface, I can adjust the volume of the master track by binding the corresponding CC message in the actions list (see gif, sorry for the crappy resolution - 600x800 upload limit...):

2) Adjusting the volume of the master track with the mouse inside Reaper, an OSC control surface updates as expected (I have edited the .ReaperOSC file as attached and it works as expected). For illustration purposes, I simply looped back the OSC messages to reaper via localhost (only a screenshot, because of 64 kB upload limit)

Combining both things doesn't work however. Modifying the volume via the MIDI controller does not generate OSC messages:
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Confirmed on v5.15

MASTER_VOLUME n/master/volume s/master/volume/str
sends nothing to my OSC controller

edit: Hmmm, It's randomly started working.

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