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Default Channel Layers

The subject is self-explanatory.
Don't you think that it would be an amazing feature when you could create for a track 2 or more different channel alternatives with different chains, plugins etc. and then pick the best? The point is that while one of the layers is active the others are offline without CPU usage.

I know well that we can do something like that in a differnt way like copy a track, than create a different plugin chain, with different tweaking etc. then mute one of them and vice versa...
But channel layers, some different channel alternatives within the framework of a track would be a lot easier and more comfortable than that.

Please, vote here http://forum.cockos.com/project.php?issueid=5622

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definetly needed +1
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More comfortable? I can't imagine how this could be more comfortable. How often would you use this? I mean I'm working since the 90ies on video and audio projects but rarely run into this problem. Of course, sometimes you have a guitar and want to check which amp sim sounds the best etc. But in that case I always copied the tracks and created different effect chains. All inside a folder to keep it clean and simple. And layers wouldn't be any different from tracks in a folder.

I don't say its not a good idea to have such a thing. But to add it on every track means more need of resources and more possible complications. Reaper is already a chaotic library inside of a skinny dog and has all possibilities off audio engineering.
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Doesn't SWS Snapshots do this among all the other things it can do?
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