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Default JSFX - gfx_showmenu

gfx_showmenu works in JSFX :

desc:Show menu at mouse cursor

last_clicked_item = -1;

RMB_state = mouse_cap&2 == 2;

gfx_x = 10;
gfx_y = 10;
gfx_drawnumber(last_clicked_item, 0); 

!last_RMB_state && RMB_state ? (
  gfx_x = mouse_x;
  gfx_y = mouse_y;
  last_clicked_item = gfx_showmenu("Top level - Item 1|>Submenu 1|SM 1 - Item 1|<>SM 2 - Last item of SM 1|SM 2 - Item 1|SM 2 - Item 2||<SM 2 - Item 3|Top level - Item 2||Top level - Item 3|");

last_RMB_state = RMB_state;
(I posted this because it isn't documented anywhere)

Here's the "gfx_showmenu" -function description (EEL)
EEL: gfx_showmenu("str")

Shows a popup menu at gfx_x,gfx_y. str is a list of fields separated by | characters. Each field represents a menu item.
Fields can start with special characters:

# : grayed out
! : checked
> : this menu item shows a submenu
< : last item in the current submenu

An empty field will appear as a separator in the menu. gfx_showmenu returns 0 if the user selected nothing from the menu, 1 if the first field is selected, etc.

gfx_showmenu("first item, followed by separator||!second item, checked|>third item which spawns a submenu|#first item in submenu, grayed out|<second and last item in submenu|fourth item in top menu")
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Hehe, cool!
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