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Default my cruddy MCompressor clone that lets you automate all points

Edit: Disregard this thread for the time being


should work like meldaproduction's mcompressor, except I also have an option to modulate the points/curves. Each point gets 8 variables to control the bezier curve (I can mod this on request) which reads from gmem[100] and up. I have uploaded a dummy script that gives you a bunch of sliders to do parameter modulation. Again I/you could hack that script to update every block instead of every sample etc. The idea though is you can have compressors controlling the shape of the main compressor, effectively

zoomamt slider slows down your movements by 0.1^x, so exponentially, and negative amounts increase/exaggerate your movements. scale modulation is linear and divides the gmem[] amounts by that amount. If set to negative, it will flip the movements upside down if need be.

in the gfx window simply hold down the left mouse button and drag and it will adjust two parameters of the curve at a time, one on the x axis and one on the y axis. After you release it will move to the next two control points and loop back when you have adjusted all of them.

Only caveat is that unlike mcompressor you can not adjust the x coordinates of the points as i don't know how to implement that efficiently. instead they are simply evenly spaced (linearly, not by dB but that might be possible to do on request)

did this because afaik mcompressor, the free version doesn't let you modulate the points and if it does only the first four. (also freeform curves get one parameter instead of two sliders for XY for some bizarre reason). I know for a fact mwaveshaper does allow modulation but again only the first 4 or 5 points and it might even crash the plugin if you try to do that. Hopefully somebody will find this useful

also for convenience here's a quick and dirty script to modulate the gmem variables


edit: If it wasn't clear the gfx window lets you set an initial/static position and is offset by the dynamic gmem variable. I used a lot of inbetween points for the curves instead of one, sorry if this is hard to work with

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Fixed the link:
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re-download as i fixed it to initialize to a straight diagonal line/no change when you adjust the amount of points

Edit: if you set modulation scale too low it might stop working but it probably won't be useful with the movements that exaggerated anyway

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