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Default Parsing bug on comments - locks up OSCII-bot

OSCII-bot v0.3 instantly fails terminally when presented with this OSC script file to load. It looks to be a problem with the token handling for the long /* comment */ at the start of the file.

Remove this /* long comment */ and the sample OSC code is parsed and run as intended. Work around is to use // for comments: but comments that are syntactically OK shouldn't make a compiler fail.

Failure mode is that on startup the OSCII-bot subsystem has completely functionally failed (i.e. no GUI appears), OSCII-bot minimises itself to a hidden control panel tray icon but the application is still running in Task Manager. Ending application in task manager does not clear problem. "OSCII-bot.exe *32" process appears to go into a tight loop (it's using 100% of a CPU core). Kill this process with task manager clears problem.

Problem encountered on Reaper x64, Windows 7, Reaper V5.11 and is reliably repeatable
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Thanks! fixed in v0.6!

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